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Fabulous Feedback

Thank you so much to the parents who have taken the time to share their feedback with us.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mrs Walker, Miss Twigg and the school as a whole for every bit of support that you have given my child over the years (and continue to do so), especially this year as things seem to have been a lot more challenging for her. It is VERY clear that the school is going above and beyond to help her and also myself with the challenges she is experiencing and as a parent I could not be any more grateful.

So a big thank you once again, my husband and I could not of chosen a better school for Lily to attend.


As parents when we visited Deneholm Primary school, we were welcomed by young students who were excited to show us around their school. We felt that the students were proud of their school and they were very excited to share their stories and experiences. We got a sense of strong belonging and community which was building each other up.   We believe that Deneholm Primary school would be the ideal environment that would be conducive for our child. The school’s vision and values of focusing on the children to developing empathy, aspiration, resilience and self-confidence strongly aligns well with our family’s values. We want our child to have the academic skills and social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life. The school ensuring that partnership working with families/parents and with other members of the local community would essential bring out a positive learning experiences for our child. We believe that our child would not only excel academically due to the outstanding rating of the school, but also will be guided to become a well-rounded individual with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility.


‘I taught at Deneholm for the day and I had such a brilliant day. Everyone made me feel very welcome and the children were just amazing. What a lovely school Deneholm is. I would happily come and teach here again for the day!’


“My child has become really motivated this year. He is getting so much praise and encouragement from school which is spurring him on to do well! Thank you for the good job you are doing.”


“I have really enjoyed my day supply teaching at Deneholm. It’s a really lovely school!”


“Thank you so much to Miss Twigg and Mrs Walker who go above and beyond to help my child to feel happy to come into school in the mornings.”


“My child has settled into their new year group so well. Thank you to all of the staff at Deneholm who work hard to ensure my child is happy.”


“Thank you so much for all Deneholm have done for my child over the years. I always say how lovely the school and is and how well my child has done here. We are both going to miss the school community and will be back to visit.”