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Fabulous Feedback

Thank you so much to the parents who have taken the time to share their feedback with us.


“My child has become really motivated this year. He is getting so much praise and encouragement from school which is spurring him on to do well! Thank you for the good job you are doing.”


“I have really enjoyed my day supply teaching at Deneholm. It’s a really lovely school!”


“Thank you so much to Miss Twigg and Mrs Walker who go above and beyond to help my child to feel happy to come into school in the mornings.”


“My child has settled into their new year group so well. Thank you to all of the staff at Deneholm who work hard to ensure my child is happy.”


“Thank you so much for all Deneholm have done for my child over the years. I always say how lovely the school and is and how well my child has done here. We are both going to miss the school community and will be back to visit.”