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Head of School Welcome

Deneholm Primary School is part of a group of academy schools who work together through the South West Essex Community Education Trust (SWECET).  We are proud to be part of this Trust and benefit from the collaborative work that takes part across all of the schools. 

At Deneholm Primary School we aim to give all of our pupils the best possible start.  We are committed to developing the whole child and this is evident in all of our policies.  We aim for excellence so that all pupils are ready for their next stage in education and can confidently take their place in modern Britain.  We will work with children and their families to provide appropriate support for those who are having social, behavioural or learning difficulties.  We are very fortunate at Deneholm to be able to offer Nurture Provision for those children who need this valuable support.

Our curriculum is planned to engage and excite children about their learning.  We have a strong focus on teaching the fundamentals in reading, writing and maths.   The foundation subjects are supported by the Plan Bee Curriculum.   Our children get to take part in a range of engaging activities to immerse them into the curriculum and provide them with a range of cultural experiences. We are part of some exciting partnerships including Children’s University and Thurrock Music Services.  We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to all of our pupils to encourage them to develop their own talents and interests.

The website contains more detailed information about the school and is continually updated.  Please get in touch if you require further information.